A very short story...

For those of you unfamiliar with the story so far here's a bit of background to Oh Zoe!

At the start of January we established the Oh Zoe! Rising Talent Award to help us find some wonderful picture books which lend themselves to personalisation. That competition is now closed and we're working our way through the 500+ submissions to find a handful of stories we want to launch with in autumn, 2017.

We already have a team of illustrators who we wish to work with on our initial title, but we're keen to find others for some of the other titles and will be launching a new competition in the next month in order to engage with as wide a range of illustrators as possible.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for a wide range of styles to suit the wide range of titles (and customers!) we will have.

For those unfamiliar with personalisation, here's a bit of information which you might be interested in:
  • The personalisation process relies on layering of images.
  • Some of these layers stay the same regardless of the personalisation - think foreground and background for example.
  • Other layers represent different elements which are to be personalised, such as the main character.
  • Character personalisation may itself be made up of multiple layers - for example, different hair styles / colours

Ultimately we want to work with people who show an understanding of the medium and push us to try new and exciting things.

The competition

Once we've finished the judging on the current Rising Talent Award we'll be launching the new illustrators edition.

We'll be sharing some of the wonderful stories we're working on and asking illustrators to produce a specific spread with some elements of personalisation.

We're very aware that many people will not have the time or inclination to produce a one off piece of work just for the competition, and we're asking these illustrators who may be interested in working with us to submit links to their portfolio.