• How do I make a submission?
    In simple terms, download the application form here, fill it out and email it back to us. Please note that the competition is now closed, though you are welcome to continue to submit stories for review.
  • Can I submit my illustrations too?
    Of course - but you must also submit your story using the standard form so the judges can see it without being influenced by the illustrations. To make an entry which includes artwork please email a pdf, no larger than 10MB, to pics@ohzoe.com.
  • I'm an illustrator - what about me?
    We will be launching our new illustrator competition very soon!
  • I've written a graphic novel - is that acceptable?
    Not for this competition. Though if you're interested in joining the Oh Zoe! family as one of our illustrators then please drop an email to pics@ohzoe.com with a link to your portfolio.
  • Do I have to publish my book through Oh Zoe!?
    No. There is no obligation to publish your book through our site, though we think we've got a pretty appealing proposition and will do our best to convince you to join the family.
  • Is the £500 prize an advance?
    No. It's a cash prize for you do do whatever you want with. If you publish your book through Oh Zoe! you will start earning commission from the very first sale. The commission won't be offset by the £500.
  • Can I exchange the prizes for cash?
    Only the £500 cash one!
  • Can I give the prizes to someone else?
    Generally no, but let us say it is at the judges discretion. If you make a compelling case then maybe, if you sell a workshop to someone on ebay then certainly not.
  • When will you announce the winner?
    The winner will be announced in April, 2017. We will set a firmer date once we get an idea of the number of submissions we need to process.
  • How will you announce the winner?
    The winner will be contacted directly and told they have won. Shortly after we have spoken with them we will announce the winner on our website and via our twitter account @OhZoeBooks.
  • Who retains the copyright to my work?
    The author retains all copyright.
  • What happens to my work after the competition finishes?
    After the competition has finished we will destroy all copies of the work including all entry forms and emails containing the work.
  • I've lost my computer / laptop / manuscript - can you send me a copy of my work back?
    If you desperately need a copy back before the competition closes then we will do our best to help you. If you need a copy after the competition has closed then I'm afraid we will already have destroyed any copies we have.
  • When are you launching the full website and publishing books?
    We hope to launch the site in autumn 2017, sign up to our mailing list below to find out more.