Personalised picture books

Oh Zoe! make beautiful, personalised children’s picture books that have joyful, engaging stories and visually stunning illustrations.

What makes an Oh Zoe! book so special?

For us, personalisation isn’t a gimmick that can be fitted into any old story, it’s an integral part of each story that adds a certain something. Our stories aren’t just written by someone ‘giving it a go’; they’re written by authors with serious talent. We work with illustrators who have an artistic flare that draws you deeper into the story and makes you want to frame each page on your wall. Plus, you get to make the book truly personal. Our stories all feature a principal child character which may be personalised by varying the gender, hair colour, skin tone and other fun characteristics. Our books bring moments of sheer joy, become cherished stories and withstand the demands of “again, again!”

Oh, and we don’t make any gender assumptions. Or any other assumptions for that matter. There’s no such thing as a ‘book for boys’ or a ‘book for girls’. We just make brilliant books that a child in your life will marvel at being the star of.

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Getting your work published

We believe the world to be a generous place where we can all help each other to do lovely things. We’re an open, welcoming bunch and don’t think that anyone should feel that the publishing world is a closed book, impossible to figure out, so we’ve produced the Oh Zoe! guide to getting your work published (and not just with us!) which you can download completely for free here.

You can find more info on the guide, along with further details on how to submit to Oh Zoe! specifically, here.

Oh Zoe! Rising Talent Award 2017

The inaugural Oh Zoe! Rising Talent Award invited authors to submit unpublished picture book stories for a chance to win over one thousand pounds’ worth of prizes and to have their work published.

After receiving well over 500 entries the judges painstakingly went through each story before announcing Victoria Richards as the winner with her book, “The Forgotten Forest”.

You can read more about the competition, including an exclusive interview with our winning author Victoria, here.

Illustrations please

With one picture book in the making, and another three in the pipeline we’re on the lookout for fabulous illustrators to work with.

If you’re keen to work with us please take a look at the illustrators page, or jump straight to submissions and send us your portfolio.

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