The short-list!

From an amazing 581 entries we managed to produce a long list of 46 brilliant books, and that was when the real work started.

We read, re-read, read out loud, read in bed, read inside, read in the park, read, read, read until we knew each story upside down and inside out. These ten stories stood out as contenders for the ultimate prize so will be carried through to the final round of judging.

Read on to find out who made the list, how the next stage will progress, and further still if you wish to see the other 36 titles which made up the long-list.

Author Title
Chris Bertenshaw The Sword of Complete Awesomeness
Janet Bingham The Dinosaur Birthday Picnic
Fi Clarkson The Summer Elephant
Natalie Ford Rowan on the Planet of Lost Socks
David Hearn Molly's Lost Laugh
Kate Poels Can You Peel a Banana With Your Toes?
Victoria Richards The Forgotten Forest
Shauna Darling Robertson What's in the Box?
Frances Tosdevin The Dino-Reindeer
Frances Tosdevin This is MY Book!

Congratulations to all of our short-listed authors.


The final 10 stories will now be shared with our judging panel so please bear with us while they take the time to read through the submissions and make their decision.

Once a final decision has been made we will contact the winner to discuss the next steps towards publication before making the result public on our website.

The long-list

We've included the long-list below as we know a lot of you are interested in seeing how far you got in the competition. Only 1 in every 12 stories made the long-list and reaching this stage is an achievment in itself. We hope that sharing this list might serve as a small bit of encouragement for those who feature!

For those of you who don't appear in the list below - don't worry - there's every chance that we just don't know what we're doing and that you're brilliant. Keep writing, keep submitting.

Author Title
Aefa Mulholland The Hungry Wee Hoover
Alexander Williams The Bumble Bear
Ann Laity What Shall I Put in My Suitcase, Mummy?
Bob Turvey Isabella Helps at the Zoo
Carole Bromley Monkey Goes on Holiday
Denny Einav Hi, Hello, How Do You Do?
Elizabeth Campbell Ting!
Emily Miller Billy and the Monster Hunt
Fi Clarkson Where Sleep Is
Hannah Sanguinetti Too Much on the Table
Hazel Knox Digger Boy Finn
Hiedi Crawford Ruiz Felicity’s Magic Rain Boots
Jen Hall Bananas in the Window
Jodie Parachini Daddy, Tell Me a Story
Laura Rendall Frost Dance
Laura Scotland The Moon Balloon
Lesley Newlove Ishan Loves to Read
Linda Mallinson What Shall I Be?
Meredith Vigh My Brother is an Octopus
Meredith Vigh My Daddy is a Grizzly Bear
Meredith Vigh The Hogglesnirk Who Came to Play
Meredith Vigh The Spider I Met on My Holiday
Natalia Maria Godsmark Isabella Smith and the Talent Show
Natalia Maria Godsmark The Underwear that Saved an Alien
Nea Heathfield Hello!
Rebecca Percy But I Need My Tooth
Ryann Overbay The Boy and the Bird
Shauna Darling Robertson Your Handy 10-Step Guide to Choosing a New Small Person
Sim Smailes The Pirates of Puddlestone Bay
Sinead Beverland Fantastic Filbert
Stephanie Mallie Jack Trimble and the Extraordinary Cape Caper
Steve Howson If Daisy Ruled The World
Steve Howson Not Another Boring Book
Suzie Senior Niko and the (Not Very) Scary Sleepover
Victoria Fielding A Nurly Knight
Yasmin Finch Rosie Roo Real Detective